About Us

Who We Are


Striving to become the pinnacle in the cannabis industry by leading as a pioneer while providing the best in both quality and customer service to our customers.


Achieving excellence in quality and customer service by creating key strategic partnerships with large well-known brands to provide an exceptional product and experience for our customers.




Natural Healing Center, (NHC), features a state of the art just under 5,000 sq ft dispensary with upscale finishes throughout. Like no other dispensary, NHC has made key partnerships with the biggest brands in the industry to provide an exceptional product and experience for their customers. NHC will be receiving exclusive products and will be the first in the state to offer lots of these products. Leading by example, NHC strives to be the best in the industry by providing the best quality products while serving as the pioneer in the industry. NHC offers superb quality, exceptional customer service, and the most innovative experience a dispensary can provide.

Standing behind the motto “locally owned, centrally grown” Helios Dayspring, the founder of NHC, has been involved in the industry for over a decade and a half. His positive impact on the community has paved his way as a successful entrepreneur. He is an expert local cultivator, business operator, and leader. His experience includes operating several dispensaries, delivery services, local farms, giving back to charity by hosting Turkey Giveaways, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Toy Drives, Homeless Food Drives, and more. He has created opportunities for everyone around him and serves as a mentor for his team. During his 13 year tenure, Mr. Dayspring took pride in supporting the local community by continuously reinvesting in high-valued real estate in the community and looks forward to continuing to do so.

David Separzadeh, co-founder of NHC, comes from a real-estate entitlement background where he has utilized his experience to form strategic partnerships to lease units from the compound out to big key players in the industry to help create the first huge marijuana destination point on the central coast. Mr. Separzadeh has accomplished more in the cannabis industry in the past year, then many have done as veterans in the industry. Mr. Dayspring and Mr. Separzadeh compliment each other so well that the dual package accomplish huge milestones that many will never reach.

NHC has created contracts with big distributors to have exclusive products, excellent pricing models, and an array of products. The company has also contracted a Business Management Consultant Team to help facilitate the operation. The team is backed with experience in Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Retail Sales, and Customer Service as well as education including a Master’s in Business Administration, (MBA), and a Master’s in Health Administration, (MHA). All in all, NHC has created a competitive advantage by strategically partnering with huge brands, investing in a well-rounded management consultant team, providing an exceptional experience for their customers, offering the best quality products, and by leading by example as the pioneer in the industry. NHC takes pride in the local community and looks forward to serving the locals as well as non-locals.